Tribal Wars is a free browser based MMOG. You can play the game from nearly any computer with internet access because there are no downloads necessary.

Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers.

But not only your village grows. Neighbours are also looking to expand their influence. Troops are being recruited, villages are fortified and wild axemen plunder and kill.

You will meet other players, with whom you can fight together in a tribe.

Your village grows bigger and soon the formerly small village will conquer other villages...

In the beginning of the game, it is important that you invest in your village and construct buildings. There are fifteen different building available. However, at the start of the game only seven of them are accessible for you. The others become available after you have constructed other buildings.

The construction of a building costs you a certain amount of resources (wood, iron and clay), which your lumberjacks, clay pit and iron mine produce, even when you are off-line. Besides these resources you also need villagers for the new building. You can add villagers by upgrading your farm to the next level. Upgrading buildings takes about twenty minutes in the beginning. But in the course of the game this construction time increases considerably.

New villages are also being established in your area of the map. They are controlled by other players. Communicating and cooperating with them is the basic idea behind "Tribal Wars". Some of the other players will try to plunder you, others will engage in trade relations with you or support you. It is very important for you to get to know a lot of players quickly and to ally yourself with them by founding a tribe or becoming a member of an existing one. Your tribe will help to defend you, trade with you and teach you a lot of useful tricks.

The market place offers a good possibility to trade with other players with whom you have not yet communicated. You can accept other players' offers or post your own. This way you can acquire those resources that you need in exchange for those resources of which you currently have more than you need. Especially in the beginning this can save you valuable time.

Battles and wars play an important part in "Tribal Wars". There are nine different types of units, each of them with different strenghts. They are recruited in the barracks, the stables and the workshop in exchange for resources and time. The battles take place in the villages. The units of the attacker are measured up against those of the defender. The aim of an attack can be to plunder resources, spy on the defender or simply zest for destruction. Ultimately the attacker might seek to take over the village.

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